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Arthritis • Back Pain • Joint Pain • Muscle Pain
Acute Injuries • Chronic Illness • EMF


Our most popular Biomagnetic kit, the Wellness Kit is the comprehensive advanced energy medicine kit that provides all the proper equipment,
supplementation and advanced therapy protocols for over 180 A-Z health problems.

From the most basic increase of vitality and family wellness to the advanced therapies for acute / chronic pain relief or illness or degenerating disease, the kit comes with everything necessary to help resolve these issues.

The kit contains 12 Super Biomagnets in 3 sizes for all the comprehensive Advanced Therapy Protocols, 2 Water Jar Energizers for constant supply of healthy Bio-Energized water, a bottle of our liquid Activated Oxygen for increased energy and external emergencies [such as burns, cuts, poison ivy/oak], the A-Z Conquering Pain Therapy Manual and the complete Pictorial guide to the advanced therapies to support pain relief, regenerate nerves, soft and hard tissue and help resolve over 180 simple or complex conditions such as MS or Type 2 Diabetes, etc. The Kit contains the new edition of the popular Conquering Pain Therapy Book. It is the best First Aid kit for everyone.

Vitality/Pain Relief Kits provides four of the most powerful, easy-to-use Biomagnets with a comprehensive instructional brochure for increased daily energy & therapies for pain relief for bumps, sprains, strains, headache, eye strain, burns, bites, etc.

While providing increased vitality or pain relief, the Power Wafers are also used as a natural blood thinner for the prevention of heart attack and stroke.


Conquering Pain Book: The Art of Healing with Biomagnetism

– The 2nd edition of the ground-breaking magnetic therapy book Conquering Pain, used by individuals, practitioners, clinics, spas, hospitals, medical schools through-out the world, now provides step-by-step applications for +180 basic, acute & chronically painful conditions.

In addition, new research and advanced therapies are included for optokinetic infant blindness, candida, CFS, malabsorption, early-mid MS, EMF sensitivity, fibromyalgia, lupus, severed nerves (paraplegic walks again), genetic issues, stroke, awakening and healing from terminating comas, and much more including the dangers of applying magnetism improperly.



Drink Healthy Bio-Energized Structured Water. Enjoy better tasting water while increasing cellular nutrition, oxygenation and detoxification for better health and vitality. Get the under-the-sink constant flow Cold Water Line Bio-Energizeror the Water Jar Energizers for traveling or going shopping. The Water Bio-Energizers provide a lifetime of healthy water.

BiomagScience 2oz Activated-Oxygen or 8oz Activated-Oxygen for energy and emergencies; have some when your energy is low and in minutes, it is like waking up from a well-rested night. Great for cuts, burns and poison ivy or poison oak.

Circulation Enzymes for reducing and eliminating vascular and cellular plaque for increased circulation, lower blood pressure, weight loss, increased vitality and helping resolve Type II diabetes.


Better Living through Magnetic Free Energy

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