Zap Your Wine for Great Taste


Extreme fun at Parties and Dinner




Have a Wine Zapper Party

Everywhere friends are having fun ZAPPING their wine and being amazed at the taste. Whether it is making a good wine great or making a bad wine good, everyone loves the Wine Zapper. Fun begins with the TASTE TEST.

Caution: Zapping with friends in public causes parties. Taste Tests in restaurants or bars can lead to extreme fun.

Fun begins at the amazing Smooth Taste of a young inexpensive wine. Then amazement tasting the Rich side. Then laughter when tasting the Natural. See how a rough, inexpensive champagne suddenly tastes smooth and great.

Try coffee, tea, fruit juices, soda, or beer – simply put the Zapper against the side of a glass or cup & stir for 10 seconds.


Taste Test – Have Fun

Put the Zapper Smooth Side under the bottle neck and pour the 1st glass.


Then turn over to the Rich Side and pour the 2nd glass

Then pour the Natural Wine into the 3rd glass

Zapper Taste Test



To keep the palate clear to taste the difference, people prefer the Smooth wine first, then the Rich, and then the Natural.

Zapper Tasting Parties are fun because everyone is always amazed at the different taste and texture.

Just pour your wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot noir, Riesling, Rose, Sauvignon blanc, etc.) and you will taste the difference.


Get yours today and Keep Zapping!

Note from Inventor


$34.95 Retail. $27.95 Introductory Offer

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Note from Inventor

The Wine Zapper is for fun and a delight for those who enjoy a good glass of wine.

What is so interesting is that the wine can be immediately changed into to a smooth silky ambrosia with subtle after-tastes and the next glass can be changed into bold and rich, bursting with a multitude of flavor – two completely different wines and entirely different than the original. This really comes in handy when one of those taste-less wines appears on the scene – just Zap it and Voila, a good wine.

The Smooth side produces the small bubbles of a first rate, properly aged Champagne while the Rich Side immediately removes the harsh acid taste from fresh Grapefruit juice or increase or decrease the bubbles in a soda or beer depending on which side is used.

Zapper Tasting Parties are fun because everyone is always amazed at the different taste and texture.

The Zapper is a breakthrough of the original Magnifique FlavoRing. Smaller, easy to use, it is known to produce Extreme Fun which is well known to be good for your health.

Just slip it in your pocket when you go out and get ready for fun.

Just make sure to have a ride home!!

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