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Tumor Reduced

Tumor reduced with BioMagnet Therapy

As a result of long-term occupational stress, my father had a fragile digestive system and required constant medication at an early age. In his later years, liver cancer was detected during a routine health examination and surgery was recommended to cut off the tumors.

Prior to the surgery, I checked with experts from BiomagScience Insititue and followed their suggestion, placing a super monopolar BioMagneti (“Tsi-Bao”) against the body near the location where tumors had been diagnosed. In addition, a regular “Tsi-Bao” was worn on the sternum. This enhanced “Tsi-Bao” method of therapy lasted for a month until the surgery. During the pre-surgery check-up, radiologist Dr. Wang was astonished to tell me that the data from my father’s ultrasound report indicated the movement of blood in the hepatic veins which drains the liver.

He had never seen this occur in other cancer patients before, as advanced liver cancer usually spreads to the hepatic veins and blocks the out-flow of blood, causing liver congestion. This phenomenon indicated that “Tsi-Bao” could potentially play a role in tumor regression and the activation and recovery of liver cells, allowing them to function despite the tumor invasion.

Despite this positive response, at the time, I was not yet familiar with the capability of “Tsi-Bao” to target tumors, and did not pursue alternative therapy using solely “Tsi-Bao.” Therefore, the surgical operation was conducted the next day, as scheduled. The surgery was successful in removing the tumors, but the cancer recurred six months later. Dr. Hsu, the primary surgeon, strongly recommended another operation, but family members found it difficult to agree, considering my father’s physical condition was still weak and might not be ready for another stressful operation.

Remembering the previous success of applying Tsi-Bao on my father’s body, I persuaded the family that father’s second operation should be postponed until he had completely recovered from the first. During this recovery period my father consistently followed the enhanced Tsi-Bao method prescribed by BiomagScience Institute. Six months later, during a routine patient check-up, Dr. Hsu suggested that “hepatic artery embolization” (plugging the arteries to the liver to cut off blood supply to the tumor) procedures be conducted on my father since the tumors in his liver would not be removed right away.

Strangely enough, upon using ultrasound spectroscopy to check the tumors, the doctor discovered that the shadow previously detected six months ago had disappeared, indicating no distinctive presence of tumor cells. This encouraging news is an actual case study that shows “Tsi-Bao” can really improve the condition by regressing tumor cells.(Tsi-Bao is Daytime Therapy over sternum.)

Coordinated by Professor Charles Yeh


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