Back Pain Avoided

Back Pain Avoided – still able to play with kids

Hi Peter,

I have a nice magnet testimonial to share with you.

A couple of weeks ago my family and I were going out of town for a week long vacation. The day before we left, I was at work and we ended up having to move a lot of boxes out of the walk in cooler in a hurry.

We were almost done when I picked a load up wrong and pulled my lower back. I couldn’t stand up straight without spasms and pain.

I always carry some magnets with me, so I popped a 2 stack of regulars (negative side down) on the injury immediately, and used oral and topical homeopathic arnica. I slept with a single regular negative magnet on the injury. When we left early the next morning it was still very bothersome. I could stand a little straighter, but continued to experience painful spasms. I hadn’t looked over how to do the back circuit therapy correctly, and the magnet book was already packed in the luggage, so I just kept the negative 2 stack on the injury during the 6 hour trip.

As soon as we arrived, I unpacked the book and placed the magnets in the correct position. During the first hour of placement the pain increased slightly, then it began dissipating.

I still had to be careful with my back the next day, but the day after that it was fine.

At that point I was able to do several strenuous hikes, go horseback riding and zip lining, etc. I was even able to do a large tree top ropes challenge course with my kiddos.

In the past this kind of back pull injury took about a week to resolve. I never would have been able to do all those fun things with my kids if that had happened this time. So your magnets helped to save my vacation. Many thanks Peter!


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