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BIA – Parallel Capacitance Body Composition Report # 111804MW

History: The subject, a 53 yr. old female, has a history of mal-absorption, fibromyalgia, and extreme fatigue that incapacitated her and kept her bedridden for 25 years. Malabsorption is when the cell has so little voltage, it cannot pull in the necessary micro-nutrients to increase its energy – a very bad Catch 22 situation. She has been under the care of a multitude of practitioners who have not been able to help her. She even tried using very weak, improperly designed magnets. She tests for chemical poisoning. Due to her mal-absorption issues, she cannot take any supplements; even a slight nutritional supplementation created an overload and throws her body into a crisis.

During the last three years prior to the BiomagScience therapy, her capacitance was very low only rising 25 points after multiple therapies, including a custom nutritional program. The subject’s inability to absorb or detoxify made it very difficult for her health to improve and most therapies made her ill.


Note: From Nov 4th to June 5th the subject’s capacitance remained the same even with a diet high in nutrition – but minimal supplementation due to mal-absorption, which was typical of her fixed pattern. After her BIA test and within an hour of using the CVS application, her cellular capacitance rose 107 points, indicating a large increase in the cell’s voltage and health progression.


Parallel capacitance results of Subject 111804MW

After the CVS therapy, the subject used the Daytime, Nightime, MET therapies and drank Bio-Energized Negative water. Within a month of the applications, the subject was able to resume her favorite activity of singing and song writing with a band.

This dynamic improvement was monumental as the subject had been unable to perform the most basic activity for 25 years, including standing for long periods without severe pain. The chemical poisoning that she suffered from resulted in the blockage of important pathways and she did not have the electromotive energy in her cells for complete metabolic function. Her state of health was stuck in a toxic pattern for 25 years.

The cell’s chronically stuck, low-charged voltage was immediately elevated by the BiomagScience therapy to a properly charged functioning state, which re-started the cells natural ionic forces to be able to metabolize micronutrients resulting in increased metabolic and immune functions which started her back on the road to full recovery. Within a year of the BiomagScience initial therapy, she was playing competitive tennis.

The Wellness Kit is required. Go to page 8 of the Wellness Kit Pictorial Guide and follow the ATACC protocols. The Wellness Kit contains everything necessary to help overcome malabsorption and energize the body to help prevent any further issues.

The additional supplement Ultimate Supplement is very useful for supporting increased wellness.

The Wellness Kit has everything for over 180 simple and painfully acute injuries, chronic illness and other medical conditions. It is considered by many worldwide as the most important first aid kit to have in the home for those aches, pains bruises, sprains, burns, bites, etc. It is also considered to be the best overall supplemental energy kit for your family’s daily wellness. Every home should have one.

(See Grounding

BiomagScience Recommendation

BiomagScience recommends the Wellness Kit.  It contains the A-Z Book/Manual, Pictorial Guide, all the various sized Biomagnets, Water Energizers, liquid Oxygen, bandage and step-by-step protocols necessary for to help resolve over 180 simple to painfully acute injuries, chronic illness, and such medical conditions as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Candida, MS, Lupus, Malabsorption, etc.

BiomagScience recommends doing the Advanced Therapies on Page 8 of the Pictorial Guide to help rebuild and revitalize the system to support the healing of any chronic condition, such as an illness or joint repair.

The Wellness Kit is considered by many worldwide as the most important first aid kit to have in the home for those aches, pains, bruises, sprains, burns, bites, or any major health issues that can occur in daily life. It provides the best overall supplemental energy for your family’s daily wellness. Every home should have one for better health and increased longevity.



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