We have used magnets on tooth extraction sites in two different occasions with two family members immediately after extraction & experienced absolutely no pain from extraction.  Used 2 power wafers taped on jaw & VIT C.  No  drugs . Sherri Arizona 

Comment from BiomagScience: It has helped many overcome dental infections with Bio-Negative on cheek toward infection along with a good supplementation of Vitamin C. Both work extremely well overcoming infection especially since a strong Negative magnetic field overcomes the positive field of inflammation while it kills (lyses) anaerobic bacteria and is supercharged by Vitamin C which supplies massive donor electrons which have the same healing effect on inflammation and anaerobic bacteria. However, it is not a be-all; sometimes the infection is to advanced and the issue must be addressed by the dentist. In that case, as some of our client dentists do, use the Power Wafers post-dentistry to eliminate pain and support very rapid healing.