Which are the Real Poles for Magnetized Water

The following excerpts are from a new BiomagScience colleague in Belgium.


“ I would like to address the  following concern regarding some [water] magnetizers I ordered from two manufacturers [from Germany and England].


When compared, I was baffled and very confused when I saw that one of the two magnetizers seems to mess up the North and South Pole.


When I use a compass with both magnetisers… I'm baffled to see that one of the two magnetisers confuse North with South…the compass needle points with the North side of the needle away from the magnetizer… [on the other] the North side of the needle points TOWARDS the Water Coaster…. Because I don't want any health problems I'm not using any of both as long as I cannot find out which one to use in what way!


I e-mailed both companies and they both state that they are right and the other is wrong...  Can you shed any light on which of the two uses the correct North (negative) pole and which might be wrong seen from the compass view?

Thanks in advance. Kind regards, L DJ

Understanding the Magnetic Poles

The key to understanding the fields (poles) of a magnet is very simple. When the Needle points to the North Pole of the Earth, it also points to the North Pole of the magnet. Geo North Pole of the earth and a magnet produces Negative electrical energy and visa versa. This is one of the more basic understanding of magnetism’s relationship to electricity.


Unfortunately, a misunderstanding of the poles started with Paracelsus in the 14-15th century and that the Chinese did the same 6-8 centuries previously:


Both originators assumed that:

When the needle of the new device called a compass pointed toward the North Pole, that point of the needle was the North Pole. Well, that is wrong.


The compass needle itself is a magnet.


What end of the [magnet] compass needle is attracted to the North Pole? The South Pole and visa versa.


Based on this odd rule established eons ago, manufacturers of magnets define the South Pole of a magnet as “Engineering North” and the North Pole of magnet as “Engineering South”


What has occurred is that people and companies who do not understand this literally think that the “Engineering” pole is the actual pole of the magnet.


So as our friend from Belgium indicated, both Companies thought they were right. The difference was the one Company was talking about “Engineering North” and the other Company was talking about true North.


Why BiomaScience® uses the Negative and Positive Magnetic field definition


No matter who is confused about the North or Engineering South or whatever, the Negative and the Positive sides of a magnet are always the same.


A magnetic measuring instrument – the magnetometer - simply measures the power of the Positive or Negative side of a magnet. There is no confusion, no misunderstanding, no history of who did what… simply the Positive side and the Negative side of the magnet.


This is important because:


The Negative Magnetic Energy increases the natural healing electromotive energy in the body - which helps increase immune functions, healing and overall vitality.


BiomagScience® makes sure all its products are properly marked Negative or Positive for the absolute correct field. We understand what can happen with the wrong field of a magnet(s). One only has to research PubMed or the Swedish or American findings to understand what prolonged Positive energy does in acidizing the body and the results of that condition.


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These Water Jar Energizers (which are applied with a rubber band) are powerful enough to immediately give you Negative Water as soon as you pour the water in the Jar or within seconds of applying to the travel container.


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Hope this has been helpful about the confusing definitions of the poles.


Best of health,


Peter Kulish, Founder and Senior Science Director
BiomagScience, Foundation for Magnetic Science

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