Wellness Kit to the Rescue Sting Stung by Magnetic Field

Spring time, Summer time, it is the season for great outdoors: fun, gardening, working in the yard and also…. insects bites, sun burn and painful skin rash due to poison ivy or poison oak !

The BiomagScience Wellness Kit is a must for FIRST AID RESPONSE in such situations and provides much relief of pain and discomfort.

In a former newsletter we related an incident that occurred to a young lad who was bitten 8 times by Yellow Jackets and did not suffer because a Regular Biomagnet was placed immediately on the area.

Another one of our BiomagScience family member just shared a similar incident, he says:

“Thank you so much for focusing the last BiomagScience newsletter on the Yellow Jacket Effect!

Curiously, the day after the newsletter, I got stung in the right knee by a Yellow Jacket while doing some yard work at home.

I immediately felt the sting. The throbbing and pain were spreading as I ran to my home Biomagnet repository (refrigerator door) and held one of your medium magnet (green, negative side down) on the sting site which had become red, hot and swelling. I could see the hole made by the stinger as I placed the magnet.

Within five minutes the discomfort stopped and the white welt that I've gotten when stung in the past had not formed. The area was red and warm, but the swelling went down.

I then taped a small magnet over the sting hole and left it there about 15 minutes. By then the area, though red, was no longer warm. I removed the magnet.

An hour later all that was left was a small red mark around where the hole had been.” Ralph Fucetola JD

A question that is raised: Is it okay to use the negative polarity of the magnet on the positive area of the leg (as in Ralph’s right knee) for bites?

The answer is yes. When one is arresting and neutralizing a sting or bite on the surface of the Positive Meridian of the limb, it is perfectly fine to use the Negative BioMagnet on the area until the pain, inflammation and swelling is gone. In the case of stings, it is important to use the BioMagnet immediately.

Remember - whenever trauma or stress occurs deep in the muscle, tendons, or joint of the limb, it is important to apply the Biomagnet on the correct negative meridian.

Therapy for skin rash due to sunburn or poison oak, poison ivy - immediate relief has been seen with Negative magnetized water and our Activated Oxygen drops.

Poison ivy or poison oak - wash the area with a mixture 50 drops of Activated Oxygen in a ¼th cup of Negative magnetized water. The rash has resolved within hours by individuals washing every 30 minutes.

Sun burn or other skin rash - wash or spray the same mixture of 50 drops of Activated Oxygen in 1/4th cup of magnetized water every hour for about 4 hours has shown to stop the pain and support quick healing.

Please let us know if you have any experiences that we can share with others. Thanks.