Water Jar Energizers, Activated Oxygen and Wellness


Water Jar Energizers


The Water Jar Energizer Kit contains 2 BiomagScience Water Energizers. Most people use one on their home water jar and one on their daily water bottle often getting 2 kits (4 Energizers) for the family to use.

The powerful BiomagScience Water Jar Energizer energizes the water instantly as it is poured into the bottle so you may drink it immediately.


Why everyone at BiomagScience and people worldwide drink and enjoy BiomagScience Energized water every day and how it affects and increases the body’s vitality.

 Water, a key element for living, is comprised of hydrogen and oxygen. Although the body receives most of its oxygen from breathing, it receives most of its hydrogen from drinking water.

The body uses both elements of oxygen and hydrogen independently. While oxygen metabolizes energy production and detoxifies cellular waste, the hydrogen ion electrically runs the glands and organs. Research has shown when the hydrogen ions are low in the body, the organs and glands operate in a slow hypo state. When the hydrogen ions are increased, the glands and organs move toward normal health.

Chemically, water molecules cling together and form associations which are like grape clusters. The body’s hormone which separates the water’s hydrogen and oxygen can only metabolize with the outer molecules of the normal water cluster. The hormone does not easily metabolize with the inner molecules of the cluster which reduces the available hydrogen and oxygen.

BiomagScience’s Water Energizer energizes the water giving it the same charge breaking up the cluster into single molecules. Now more hydrogen and oxygen is available as the hormone can access all the water molecules.

Third party research studies concur with BiomagScience clients reporting that energized water helps to:

  • Reduce Free Radicals
  • Prevent Premature Aging
  • Prevent Toxin and Chemical Build-up in the Body
  • Decrease Sodium Levels
  • Reduce Acidosis
  • Improve Kidney and Organ Functions
  • Improve Memory Functions
  • Support Normal Health Functions

Many people question whether they should drink negative or positive or mixed energized water. All is OK, but BiomagScience advises to use its Water Jar Energizers to make negative charged water as it directly aligns with the natural charges of the body and it shows the greatest and quickest support of increasing the negative Zeta potential so important to good health.


 BiomagScience Activated Oxygen

Increased energy, vitality and health for young and old…

Oxygen is the first and most important element to life. You can go without food or water for five minutes, but not oxygen. Oxygen is the essential life giving agent of the body. All functioning tissue needs oxygen to:

1. Metabolism energy production and eliminate waste (detox).

2. Stimulate growth and development of normal, beneficial bacteria (aerobic).

3. Neutralize Acidity and Free Radicals

4. Kills viruses and infectious (anaerobic) bacteria.

We’ve all gasped for air at the end of the race. The athletic term “oxygen debt” – essentially oxygen deprivation - was coined because of the lack of oxygen to remove the lactic acid from the high energy production of sports.

BiomagScience’s Activated oxygen is great for sports, working out and general daily supplementation for more energy.

The first thing very ill patients receive in the hospital is pure oxygen. Oxygen deprivation is one of the main causes of a weak immune system. Increased oxygenation strengthens the immune system.

With the depletion of oxygen in the air, the body begins to progress toward early aging and bad health as less oxygen is available to neutralize the free radicals and acid produced by the increase of environmental toxins and the stress of daily living.

BiomagScience Activated Oxygen, also known as Stabilized Oxygen is dissolved and stabilized oxygen molecules in a colorless, pH balanced saline-based form. It is a completely non-toxic and totally bio-available. It is rich in free oxygen and helps the body to cleanse itself, boost energy, and ward off pathogenic organisms.

Oxygen is effective against: Salmonella, cholera, E. coli, pneumonia, streptococcus, Pseudomonas, Staphylococcus, Giardia lamblia and various microorganisms. Nothing unfavorable in the body can live very long in an oxygen-rich environment.

An example, Candida albicans yeast is normal in small quantities in the intestines. When the oxygen level in the body becomes low, acidity increases and the Candida can increase producing large toxic quantities that reduces immunity and the liver and other organs to function properly.

Treating Candida with BiomagScience Activated Oxygen and Energized Water helps neutralize the acid condition which supports increased immune functions and good health.

BiomagScience Activated Oxygen helps with many conditions: arthritis, asthma, breathing, bronchitis, burns, cancer, Candida, colds, cirrhosis, colitis, diarrhea, dysentery, emphysema, food poisoning, fungi/protozoa/parasites, gangrene, hay fever, indigestion, infection, and joint pain.

The use of BiomagScience negative charged water combined with a weak dilute of Activated Oxygen has shown to rapidly help with topical issues such as poison ivy/oak, burns, bed sores, cold sores, cuts, fever blisters, and sunburn.

Everyone reports increased energy using BiomagScience Activated Oxygen as a daily supplement with BiomagScience energized water. Enjoy the great feeling.


Wellness Kit

Advanced Placement & Circuit Therapy for Pain Relief, Acute Injury and Chronic Illness

BiomagScience is continuing its 20% special on the Wellness Kit. Developed for over 170 specific therapies, every home should have a wellness kit for first aid for pain from strains, sprains, stings, acute or sharp injuries, chronic illness, chronic fatigue or whatever ailments arise.

The kit contains multiples of all 3 types of BiomagScience Super BioMagnets so that the all the advanced therapies can be conducted, a set of Water Jar Energizers, a bottle of Activated Oxygen, the complete therapy book “Conquer Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism” and the instructional guide of all the advanced therapies from taking care of a bruise to awaking someone from a pancreatic coma. No home should be without one.

For truly remarkable results from the Wellness Kit, take a look at the unusual testimonials and case studies. They are not your run of the mill magnet stories, but remarkable changes such as waking someone out of a terminal coma or correcting the blindness of manifest nystagmus or regenerating nerves, joints and connective tissue so someone could walk normally again. These therapies are scientifically designed and worth many lifetimes to those it has helped. They are very advanced, but very simple to use.

Best of health,