Torn Meniscus, Carpal Tunnel - Surgery versus Alternative Healing - Maybe Surgery is not Required


The meniscus are the rubbery discs that steady and cushion the inner and outer edge of the knee. Most of us have accidentally twisted our knee and afterwards have had a sore knee for a few days or weeks which probably meant that one or both menisci were hurt. A torn meniscus makes walking or standing very painful and the general medical correction is surgery.

The pain from carpal tunnel syndrome occurs from repetitive stress that causes the tendons in the carpal tunnel become swollen. The painful swollen tendons (swollen tenosynovium) put pressure on the median nerve resulting in tingling, numbness and weakness in your hand and fingers. The medical correction is surgery, but this surgery often results in having a follow-up procedure done again and the results are not always so good; a doubly painful condition.

The thought of surgery is often scary but for many in this age of heavy co-pay or no insurance, it is a financial nightmare. Unless you have full insurance coverage or are on welfare, surgery and post-op therapy can cost thousands of dollars in co-pay if you can afford the time off to do it. However, if things go wrong and the procedure has to be done again... For the millions of Americans who cannot afford proper medical insurance, surgery can be the financial blow that sinks the boat.

A few conditions such as torn meniscus or carpel tunnel have been overcome with advanced magnetic protocols by BiomagScience,net.  These therapies do not use magnetic patches or bracelets, but small, rare-earth magnets in specifically designed applications which enhance the body’s healing ability. The following is about individuals who used advanced circuit therapy to help overcome surgery of torn meniscus and carpel tunnel; also to help mend a severed nerve from surgery. Their full letters are available on the BiomagScience,net web site.

An adult male with a wife and three kids who runs a painting business went to the doctor who told him that his torn medial meniscus was comparable to a football injury a lineman would experience and offered arthroscopic surgery as the only solution. Having had two surgeries for torn meniscus on his right knee within five years, he no longer could afford the surgery, so he tried the BiomagScience advanced knee circuit protocol and his meniscus completely healed within seven weeks.  “There's no mistaking a torn medial meniscus once you've had the unfortunate experience of going through it. My greatest testimony so far, proving the healing powers of BiomagScience therapy is the healing of my torn medial meniscus, left knee.”

A 62 year old professional dog walker in NYC suffered a torn meniscus on her right knee and her doctor prescribed narcotics and surgery. She didn’t want the narcotics or the surgery and fortunately someone told her about BiomagScience. She received her kit Thursday and put the magnetic circuit on. “Well I just can’t believe it, today Friday the pain is gone!!! You have given me hope again that I might not lose my livelihood nor need the surgery and I have stopped the pain killers. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful product and for your help.”

A man in his seventies had a very bad fall which required extensive surgery leaving him with a severed nerve, numbness from the knee down, no mobility in the leg, and a painful limp that his doctor explained he would have to live with it the rest of his life. Within a week of starting the BiomagScience protocol, feeling started to return as the nerve started to regenerate and the pain and limp went away as mobility increased every day – something the doctor had said could not happen. “It was a horror to be told ‘just live with it.’ I now have full mobility and feeling.”

Woman diagnosed with carpal tunnel of the right hand was unable to do simple things or tasks.  Doctor recommended surgery, but sister had carpal surgery which didn’t help.  A friend gave her a set of BioMagnets and the BiomagScience therapy book “Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism.” She used the protocols for six months. After this period of time, the pain and numbness was completely gone. ”I went to see my doctor and the first thing I did was to shake his hand. The grip was very tight; he rotated my wrist to see the scars of surgery, and then said "what did you do?" I told him of the magnet therapy and gave him a set and a copy of your book. What a believer you have made in me!”

Diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the right hand, the woman’s pain traveled up the arm and was excruciating and debilitating. Typical of the condition, nothing helped. No longer able to perform simple tasks such as lifting a book, writing or combing her hair, a neurosurgeon said there was nerve damage and suggested surgery as the only cure. Surgery didn't appeal; it was felt there had to be something else that could help. Then someone gave her a set of BiomagScience BioMagnets. “I wore the BioMagnets and within six days the pain that I had suffered with for four years was 80% better. Within 2 more weeks I was playing tennis. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it’s true. I feel like a miracle happened for me.”

The advanced knee and carpal tunnel circuit therapy kits are just two of the various advanced kits that have helped many people avoid pain and help heal their problem. All the kits, letters, case studies, research and white papers are available at the web site.

Peter Kulish, founder and developer of BiomagScience explains “I recommend the Wellness Kit. It has everything and is the most versatile kit. Not only can you do the all of the 170 therapies from broken bones to yellow jacket stings, but it includes Water Jar Energizers for very healthy water, a bottle of liquid oxygen which is very important in helping someone who needs it or if you need to take care of a burn or poison oak.. it has the pictorial guide and the Conquering Pain therapy book with protocols, diagrams, explanations and directions.
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The science of Biomagnetism is important to humanity. It helps the body to naturally heal a lot of painful acute and chronic conditions. Once purchased, the BioMagnets last a lifetime, can often help replace costly pain drugs, and when applicable are a lot less costly than surgery or even going to the doctor.”

Mr. Kulish’s work in Biomagnetism is studied and used by individuals and practitioners all throughout the world.


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