Stomach Flu symptoms vanish quickly with magnet therapy

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Christmas Day my husband and I were driving to Florida.  I had been experiencing abdominal discomfort exhibiting as flu-like symptoms of cramping, discomfort and mild nausea.  I was packing and had to sit and rest frequently.
 We left and the sitting was very uncomfortable. We usually drive straight thru and I was concerned about having to stop to vomit, and also possibly infecting my elderly in-laws (in their 80's) who were travelling with us.
After a while I remembered my magnets, which I always wear on the sternum spot and also on the spleen and liver area. I often also add CVS (when I think of it) for daytime wear, and I did have the CVS on that day. I started moving the magnets around, green side down, over where the pain was most intense. I used 2 BioMag stacks.
The discomfort 'moved', and I moved the magnets to follow it. After 15 minutes, I experienced significant relief and no longer felt a need to be proactive about moving the magnets.. I had no further trouble during the remainder of the trip or afterwards. That's cool enough, but there is more to the story.

After arriving in Florida, we called our teenaged/young adult sons to let them know we had arrived safely. My 17year old son moaned and said, Mom, I'm sick, and started cataloguing his symptoms...they sounded just like what I had felt the morning before, so I told him where to get my magnets.  Anyway, he tried the same thing with the same results! No Acupressure. No Laser. He also had no need for follow-up support with the magnets. He was amazed that he was able to go out for his Boxing Day activities which he was going to pass on. He was impressed, and grateful, and so was I!

Cool stuff, Peter!