Savings on Advanced Magnetic Therapies

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We have worked many years creating and developing advanced energy protocols such as the:

1.    Regenerative Circuit Therapy

2.    Meridian Energizing Therapy

3.    Organ Group Energizing Therapy

4.    Correct Body Polarity Placement.

Each therapy kit comes with the pictorial instruction for that kit.

All of the advanced therapies can be done with the Wellness Kit and we recommend it to everyone.

The Wellness kit is our 22nd Century Answer to First-Aid,  Wellness and Vitality.  It is a comprehensive package that includes the “Conquer Pain” therapy book, the complete pictorial guide of advanced therapies, Water Jar Magnetizers for your family’s healthy water needs of increasing the body’s hydrogen, oxygen and hydration, a bottle of liquid oxygen for that energy increase or topical use for a burn, cut or poison ivy/oak, re-washable self-grip Ace-type bandage for any of the magnet placement protocols, and all 12 of the 3 sizes of our powerful, rare-earth BioMagnetssm to do every type of therapy developed by BiomagScience®.

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If you want to know more about how Biomagnetism really works, look at our FAQs and read Conquer Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism.

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Remember, we are always here to guide in whatever manner we can to help assist in supportive therapy. Thanks and Enjoy.

Peter Kulish, Founder

Director of Science