Safe, Inexpensive Stop-Smoking Ear-Magnets

Safe – that’s the key word to using ear magnets. Please read to learn why some Stop Smoking magnets may not be good for you.

During the early 1990’s, the first anti-smoking ear-magnets went on sale in the United States. Although the therapy worked, it didn’t catch on. Over the past several years, the therapy has started to become recognized and has helped over several million to stop smoking.

How does it work – two very small magnets are placed on both sides of the ear to stimulate the “Shenmen” acupressure point that affects the brain. Known as the Heavenly Gateway, this trigger point supports an increase in endorphins which increases dopamine just like smoking does.

Increased dopamine produces feelings of pleasure and satisfaction which most feel is the reason why smoking is so hard to quit. With the magnets supplying the dopamine, smoking becomes much easier to quit.

A strong cautionary note from the Science Director of BiomagScience:

“Ear magnets are simple to use but must be used correctly. When used on the ear, the energy is safe between the magnets. However, worldwide tests indicate one magnetic field pointed at the brain is safe whereas the opposite field is not. We are concerned as the ear magnets we have reviewed have no instructional markings and it is a toss-up which energy is going into the brain. It is exactly for this reason why BiomagScience is offering inexpensive ear magnets with safe instructions.”

If you want to stop smoking, this simple technology has helped millions. If you are just interested in the good feelings the Heavenly Gateway acupressure point is supposed to provide, make sure your magnets are on right. To order or review the information, go to

Hope this helps.

Best of health,

Peter, Director of Science