Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

BiomagScience is always being asked if the magnets will help with the pain and lack of energy caused by CFS and fibro (Fibromyalgia). The answer is yes; properly applied, Biomagnetic energy along with an hGH (human Growth Hormone) supplement has shown to quickly help with these conditions.

Cellular Mal-Absorption

Both CFS and fibro are often concurrent conditions experienced at the same time due to the same problem. Regardless of the cause, once the major loss of energy is experienced, mal-absorption becomes a common contributor to CFS and fibro. What occurs is the cell’s electrical vitality, the power that pumps in nutrients and pumps out waste, becomes so low the cell becomes stuck in a classic Catch 22 mal-absorption cycle; the cells don’t have enough energy to pump in the proper nutrition required to make enough energy to pump in the needed nutrition. The low-powered cell barely transfers nutrition and waste and simply stays stuck and unhealthy.

Biomagnetic Energy Overcomes Mal-Absorption

BiomagScience studies of two individuals with stuck cells and ill with CFS and fibro mal-absorption for 15 and 25 years indicate that after trying almost every type of treatment and therapy available through the years, within hours of BiomagScience therapies, each individual started on an immediate trend toward recovery. BiomagScience had provided the one thing that nothing else could – the required cellular electrical energy to normalize the pump that mal-absorption had stopped 15 and 25 years prior. The results: they got their health back – however – another supplement was also needed to help the body overcome fibro.

hGH and its relationship with fibro

CFS and fibro therapy started in the 1990’s when BiomagScience researchers were asked if there were any therapies that might help. Using its then current Bio-Energy placement therapies, individuals were able to get comfort approximately 90% of the time, but still experienced the painful and uncomfortable symptoms the other 10% of the time.

In further researching fibro to develop a better therapy, blood tests revealed that when people were experiencing the worst symptoms (cramping and/or electrical shocks), there was NO hGH (human growth hormone) found in the blood. This is not normal – everyone is supposed to have some hGH in their blood. This appeared to be a major key in the developmental therapy.

hGH is a key hormone that regulates and affects every cell in the body. From another view, hGH is literally the catalyst which helps create new cells during mitosis (cell division). Without adequate hGH, not all the new cells can be formed. The below report on hGH and BiomagScience’s Ultimate Supplement contains much of the information on the effects of hGH In the human body.

When the body has had CFS for a period of time, the pituitary and the gut which produces hGH, become so hypoactive during very low energy cycles, they do not produce any hGH. BiomagScience postulates that is the time when CFS converts into fibro and people experience the worst of the symptoms. It is surmised that the cells are seeking hGH for mitosis/chemical balance and when there is none, the tissue starts cramping and its electrical pathways start short circuiting creating electrical shocks.

Possible Fibro Solution

BiomagScience’s research indicating that fibro symptoms occur when there is no hGH in the blood is supported by the fact that when BiomagScience first introduced an hGH pre-cursor supplement as part of its fibro therapy in 1998, the clients reported their symptoms stopped.

Subsequently just after the new Millennia, BiomagScience introduced a further advanced hGH supplement whose clinical tests showed the body responding much faster than the previous supplement. It also could be taken after eating before bedtime whereas the previous supplement’s pills had to be taken on an empty stomach.

With the new supplement’s faster response, it was given the name BiomagScience’s Ultimate Supplement. BiomagScience believes its Ultimate Supplement is excellent support for fibro, CFS and many other conditions and especially great in supporting anti-aging (see below).

Early Fall Special

BiomagScience’s Ultimate Formula is a very expensive formula and as a service to the community, it has been sold at 40% below its normal market price. As an early Fall special, BiomagScience has the Wellness Kit and the Ultimate Supplement. On sale both at over 20% less. We hope this will help those who need to start the CFS and /or fibro therapies of the Organ Group Therapy, Daytime, Overnight MET, Energized Water and the Ultimate Supplement.

After reading the below report, you might also want to take advantage of the Ultimate Supplement sale price for all the anti-aging benefits people experience.

Best of health,
Peter Kulish, Founder
BiomagScience & Foundation for Magnetic Science

Disclaimer: The use of magnetism or any of the products offered herein are intended to benefit normal structure and function and is not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles. Testimonial results are not typical. Translations and content subject to errors and omissions.

Report on hGH and Ultimate Supplement

What are Hormones & What is hGH?

hGH affects every cell in the body, constantly rejuvenating the cells of the skin and bones, the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys, and helping keep organ and tissue functions occurring. hGH is a hormone that lowers the risk factors for heart attacks and stroke, improves oxygen uptake and prevents osteoporosis.

  • After six months of supplementation, tests have indicated an average of 18% body fat changing to 8% youthful, lean muscle without diet or exercise. It is the most effective anti-obesity agent ever discovered, revving up the metabolism to youthful levels and reducing fat while increasing muscle mass
  • Tests have indicated that after using hGH for six months, there is a trend of re-growth of hair, restoration of melanin and sharper vision.
  • Tests have also indicated a smoothing out facial wrinkles by restoring the elasticity, thickness and contours of skin.
  • Supplementation tests have indicated older people reporting reduced insomnia and a more relaxed attitude with a higher threshold in coping with daily stress.
  • Proper hGH levels in the blood have shown normal sexual potency in men and women.
  • Proper hGH levels support the immune system with normalized T-4, B, and other immune system cells.
  • Proper hGH levels assist in supplementing Fibromyalgia patients.
  • Proper hGH levels indicate increased concentration and learning ability as a result of nitric oxide production utilized by the brain in long-term memory function.
  • Proper hGH levels indicate increased healing of bone and tissue injuries.
  • Proper hGH levels have shown to help eliminate fatigue.

Hormone? Greek: To arouse to excite

Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body. A highly intricate hormonal system carries messages to the body telling it when to digest, regulate temperature or produce the fight or flight response. Cutting edge research has shown, for example that the Pituitary gland alone produces six hormones including hGH, the human growth hormone

The hormone system is rather like a finely tuned symphony orchestra that depends on the balance and harmony of every instrument in order to perform at its best. Unless our hormones are in perfect balance and there are adequate secretions of every hormone, we aren't healthy.

How We Age

During anabolism, the growing period to adulthood (ranging from 25 - 33), approximately 80% of a young adult's body consists of lean body mass (muscles organs and bone). The remaining 20% is made up of fatty adipose tissue. After the period of anabolism, the body enters catabolism - the winding down of metabolic functions. The first indication of catabolism is that the muscles begin to atrophy and we get tired more quickly; the aches and pains begin.

Why are old people shorter? During anabolism, your bones are continuously being remodeled. Calcium building blocks form new bone cells while the body reabsorbs old ones. During catabolism re-absorption exceeds bone-building and bone mass begins to decrease. Those who have aged tremendously exhibit as little as 2% of their youthful hGH output.

When young, 10% of body weight is bone and 90% is tissue, but after age 50 the ratio changes. By age 75, the body, on average, has 20% less bone than when young.

Nearly 100,000 people die each year from the complications of fragile bones. Although some therapies show some promise in preventing bone loss, it is a general trend that therapies cannot do anything to build bone.

Cell proliferation declines up to 10-fold as the condition of aging progresses. One of the reasons we get old is that we do not have enough new cells.

The primary factor in aging is the slowing down of glandular functions resulting in hypo-hormonal output - not enough hormones to fully supply efficient metabolic processes. One of the crucial factors is PDS (Pituitary Deficiency Syndrome) in which the pituitary output of Human Growth Hormone diminishes dramatically as we get older.

By the age of 40 most of the population
has deficient levels of human growth hormone.

By the age of 60, two-thirds of everyone have substantially deficient hGH levels. The average loss of hGH is 10 to 15% per decade. It is not uncommon that at the age of 60 there is an hGH decline of over 75% or more from the levels normally seen in 25 year olds. Those individuals in their seventies, who have aged tremendously indicate that their pituitary gland is barely functioning.

How does hGH work?

Human Growth Hormone is produced by the pituitary gland/gut and is essential for the proper protein synthesis of all lean body mass i.e. muscle, bone, organs, skin and vertebrae. hGH is responsible for the maintenance and protection of these tissues.

hGH accomplishes this by utilizing proteins and amino acids from the body's adipose tissue. The body uses these fats to supply most of the energy for cellular functions. Thus hGH acts as a protein sparer; and since the adipose tissue is an easy store of fat for energy, hGH also acts as a carbohydrate sparer, thereby decreasing the necessity for using proteins for glycogen production or gluconeogenesis. It is widely accepted that many health conditions are linked to high concentrations of fat in the body.

The primary issue of the hGH hormone in slowing down the body's aging is that in normal cell division, hGH helps form the young new cells. As we age with less and less hGH being produced, less of the cells continue to divide (regenerate).

  • By protein sparing, hGH maximizes protein utilization for cellular regeneration and maintenance.
  • By reducing fat, hGH becomes a formidable life-extending asset.
  • By supplementing the body's biochemistry, young and vital cells are produced.


In the past half-century, universities and medical centers in the United States and Europe have conducted extensive research into the effects of recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) on people with growth hormone deficiencies.

Their tests show that by supplementing the master hormone, hGH, the body's biochemistry becomes more balanced and efficient.

hGH reaches far beyond the scope of any hormone like progesterone or testosterone and other hormones that decline in production with age in that hGH helps the body becomes more efficient and has shown to help produce these hormones naturally.

Dr. Daniel Rudman, with a team of researchers, documented the effects of his studies at the Medical College in Wisconsin and at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Milwaukee. The results were reported in the New England Journal of Medicine as a major breakthrough in the eternal quest for health and beauty.

Rudman's study, along with other research, prompted a flurry of articles in national and international periodicals. Science News, Ladies’ Home Journal, MacLean’s, Science, Newsweek, Scientific American, The New York Times, Business Week, Menus Health, Discover, Time and other publications splashed stories with headlines like: Turning Back Time - Can Hormones Stop the Clock? Getting a Shot of Youth” By Dr. Ronald Klatz, MD, President of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Peter Kulish Senior Science Director
Foundation for Magnetic Science

"I have studied the over 50 years of the research and investigations of hGH. Since 1996, I have been consulting with individuals using hGH supplements and hGH injections. There is little doubt that the proper levels of hGH in the body are an important factor to health."

"There is little doubt that hGH is the one of the most important hormones in the body."

"I have used and/or investigated most of all the supplemental formulas that are available today and have found a laboratory that, in my opinion, provides one of the best supplements. Clinical tests show that this supplement provides very quick value.”

The Ultimate Supplement has a sublingual (sprayed under the tongue – by the cheek) delivery system which is far easier than other oral supplements that generally require an empty stomach – something that is not convenient for many just before bedtime. This type of delivery system allows for efficient and easy assimilation.

"People should watch very carefully for poor quality supplements in the marketplace. I've seen quite a lot of useless product that is being sold for a lot of money. The high cost is no guarantee that the product works and if there are no clinical studies available – I would be careful."

A 200 person double-blind study shows that The Ultimate Supplement has a delivery system that outperforms anything else on the market. Most noteworthy was nutritional support for an overall 8.5% decrease of blood cholesterol with a 15% increase in HDL and a 19.6% decrease in LDL, a 18% increase in testosterone and a 15% increase in DHEA - all within two weeks, as well as a steady increase in IGF-1 levels to 109% over baseline after 6 months.

What does this mean in laymen's terms? It indicates the body is being supported and supplemented toward normalization of health.

The Ultimate Supplement is a molecular based product delivering at least 2,100 nanograms with 3 sprays per serving, twice a day - just before sleeping and first thing in the morning. The amino acid sequence of the product is closely identical to that of the natural hGH molecule of the pituitary.