Neutralization of Free Radicals

Neutralization of Free Radicals


Our newsletter this week is on Free Radicals. Free radicals are common oxidative elements in our body and with all the oxidative toxins in the air, water and food, are an important element in health that everyone should address.


Free radical attack healthy tissue and not only can destroy it, but can start a chain of events that destroys further tissue. Free radicals are known to cause inflammation which can create many health problems including pain and disease.


Modern understanding dictates it is wise to supplement anti-oxidants [electron rich supplements] that will donate electrons to stabilize and neutralize the free radicals so they stop damaging healthy tissue.

Electromotively, the free radical’s energy potential is positive which is trying to stabilize by capturing a negative electron from the molecules of healthy cells which hurts the cell and even turns the molecule into a free radical and on and on…


The following microscopic pictures:


Show free radical sites of dry blood cells before and after Biomagnetic Therapy.


BiomagScience therapy immediately supports rapid reduction of free radicals and support of tissue healing from free radicals.


Dry Cell Microscopy with Biomagnetic Therapy on the liver


The following dry cell tests was first developed by Dr. Bowen and later researched by Dr. Bradford from American Biologics.


Sample 1 – Dry, Pre-therapy Beginning test: This is a drop of blood that has been dried, taken at the same time as Sample 1 of the live blood (a.k.a. Bowen Test) and is a useful test to detect oxidative stress or free radical damage indicated by the whitened areas. Note the darkened areas as well as the white streaks. According to the extensive research at American Biologic, the darkened area may indicate heavy metals.


Sample 2 – Dry, Four Hours after Energy Therapy: As the live blood carries the energy, the dry cell improved dramatically showing only faint indicators of white streaks (this may be related to mineral deficiency secondary to acidity) which were more pronounced in the sample taken before the liver application. This may indicate decreased acidity as well as decreased oxidative stress in the tissues.


Sample 3 – Dry, 10 Hours after Energy Therapy: The dry blood has completely cleared of oxidative stress. These findings show a very powerful liver cleansing that occurred over 10 hours. This would usually take days to a week with herbal liver cleansing preparations that could include an uncomfortable detoxification reaction. Please note that it is unusual to see oxidative stress clear so quickly. This usually takes weeks to impact the tissues. Also the darkened area is gone which may indicate that the body has also cleared some metals.


In our testing, we are starting to recognize the immediate reduction of the free radicals in the blood chemistry when the liver is energized by the Correct Electromotive Field of Powerful BioMagnetic Therapy. The therapy produces a field which apparently helps to induce a high cellular Zeta potential in the present model of which:
The increased electromotive energy appears to quickly neutralize and/or help remove the oxidative stress within a very short period of time - 10 hours in this model that would require a week of normal liver flush therapy.

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More Before and After Energized Blood Tests

Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: Sample from a 53 yr. old female with years of chronic mal-absorption, constipation, fibromyalgia and depression that may be relative to the slow ability to heal. This example of chronic oxidative stress has remained fixed and unchanged,

regardless of all of the many healing modalities, both allopathically and holistically, that she has experienced.

Sample 1 -Dry Cell, Pre-Therapy For three years.., along with five other practitioners.. improvement had occurred very slowly... went from a couch to minimal activity.. remained unable to resume normal daily activity. Although indicators of metal and chemical toxicity.. too weak to go through any of detoxification. Three years of therapy.. no change in her dry cell, as seen. This dry cell test is an indicator of oxidative stress / free-radical activity in the tissues. This phenomenon appears throughout this sample as lightened areas or “white lakes”.

Sample 2 – Dry Cell, Taken after Energy Therapy: The next sample was taken one hour after negative on the lower Cerebral Vestibular System (back of neck) therapy. The “white lake” indicators of oxidative stress (free radicals) have disappeared.

Case Conclusion

This case is consistent of the clinical findings with the use of BiomagScience Therapy… acute cases appear to get immediate results, while chronic conditions show dramatic changes, typically in two weeks with the compliance of BiomagScience protocols.

Working with other practitioners [on this case] using other bio-magnetic products and protocols produced no results in many attempts to find solutions for the woman.



Using BiomagScience’s basic Daytime therapy along with Energized water helps to support an entire reduction of the free radical activity in the body.

From the cases above, it is suggested anyone who has any long term toxic and/or chronic issues try the Liver therapy. This is using the BiomagScience Super BioMagnet green side over the liver. Further studies have shown the fibrin in the blood from an overtaxed liver disappears within an hour.

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Best of health,

Peter Kulish

Senior Science Director

Foundation for Magnetic Science