Natural therapy supports normal circulation and regulates blood pressure

The combination of taking BiomagScience’s Circulation Enzymes and Ultimate Supplement with the proper biomagnetic therapy has shown notable improvement in supporting:

The regulation of blood pressure and support for normal circulation, reducing vascular plaque and pain while increasing mobility.

Grandmother had neuropathy of the feet; she reports:

“I have neuropathy of my feet and suffer with extreme pain. Both feet were discolored and covered with sores. At the same time my blood pressure was out of control and I had frequent infections so my doctor ordered a cat scan of my kidneys. This revealed calcification of my aorta.

My sister put me on the Circulation Enzymes and the BiomagScience CVS therapy on my neck during the day. This was all I did. To my surprise my feet improved and the pain greatly subsided. The coloring came back to pink. Also, after one month, for the first time in 15 years, my neck had more range of motion and felt relaxed. I had had a spinal fusion 15 years ago and had no idea that the area was so stiff until it relaxed.

After three months I had another cat scan and there was no more calcification of my aorta. I am continuing with my program and have added the Ultimate Supplement which has increased my energy, am no longer fighting infections, and my blood pressure is lower. I no longer feel like I am falling apart”.
*JN, Massachusetts

Gentleman in his 70s suffered from high blood pressure since he was 60:

The gentleman was taking high blood pressure medicine and Statins to reduce his cholesterol. He was suffering side effects from the medicine and asked us if we could suggest a natural approach to his problem. He personally researched the ingredients of our Circulation Enzymes and our Ultimate Supplement and decided to give them a try.

Using both supplements in conjunction with BiomagScience Daytime Therapy and drinking Magnetized Water over a period of time, his blood pressure dropped to a very healthy 100/73 reading. He no longer takes Statin drugs and gave up his high blood pressure medication some time ago.
*IR, Pennsylvania

 Truly remarkable - BioMagnets & Circulation Enzymes:

“I have been a holistic healthcare provider for 25 years, and have had a frustrating circulation problem in my lower right leg for about 20 years. Besides the faithful use of a broad spectrum of quality nutritional products, I've tried various other approaches with mixed results.

A violent reaction to Melaleuca oil 9 years ago created deep scarring which complicated the problem. BiomagScience’s BioMagnets had eliminated the swelling created by a medical procedure my family physician had recommended. I had managed to get the 10 inch area of my lower leg relatively stable, but it remained a gray/black area of concern.

Within 3 days of starting the Circulation Enzymes I had visible evidence of the healing process that was occurring. It was truly remarkable! The healing continues to increase every day, with the dark, lumpy scarring being replaced by healthy tissue.

It is such a testament to the marvelous ability of the body to repair itself when given the proper support. The obvious healing is proof of the repair happening through my entire circulation system. I expect my physician to be even more impressed with the Circulation Enzymes than he was with the Bio Magnets.

Thank you for Circulation Enzymes, an exciting product.”
*JH, Virginia

To support normal vascular function, use BiomagScience Circulation Enzymes

Doctors and clients have reported that BiomagScience’s all natural Circulation Enzyme formula used with the Daytime biomagnetic therapy reduced vascular plaque, dissolved heart blockages dissolved and supported reduced and stabilized blood pressure. Individuals also reported increased circulation in legs and feet. Taken as a supplement with BiomagScience therapies, circulation has improved in all areas of the vascular system..

Circulation Enzymes are also an excellent oral chelation preventative supplement to support reduction and elimination of vascular plaque before it builds up to dangerous levels.

Research, client and general response to BiomagScience hGH formula

Research shows that by supplementing the body with a dietary supplement that increases human Growth Hormone, the body’s chemistry becomes more balanced and efficient, and supports rejuvenation of cells (anti-aging) in the body is supported.

hGH affects every cell in the body, constantly rejuvenating the cells of the skin and bones, the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys, and helping keep organ and tissue functions occurring. hGH is a hormone that lowers the risk factors for heart attacks and stroke, improves oxygen uptake and prevents osteoporosis.

BiomagScience’s All Natural Ultimate Supplement (an amino acid derived dietary bio-identical human Growth Hormone supplement) is one of the superlative formulas to support human biology.


Magnetized Water

Case Studies have demonstrated that Magnetically Charged water supports the healing powers of the body. The studies indicate that magnetized water is excellent support for one’s health and by supplying what scientists call monatomic (single molecules) water, it is thought that the additional hydrogen ions support increased and balanced activity of the glands and organs leading to an increase of health and vitality. BiomagScience’s Water Jar Energizers produce a continuous supply of Negatively charged magnetized water.

Combined Biomagnetic therapy with Circulation Enzymes and Ultimate Supplement provides Superlative Results

In the above testimonials, the clients used BiomagScience’s Daytime therapy with Power Wafers over their sternum or the back of the neck with daily supplementation of Circulation Enzymes, Ultimate Supplement and drinking BiomagScience magnetized water.

The importance of using these specific supplements with the Biomagnetic therapy is that the increased electromotive energy from BiomagScience’s medical magnets increases the nutritional transfer of the supplements in the cells where, due to the increased cellular energy, more of the nutrition metabolizes better and therefore gives a better response. This can be read about on the site and reviewed in the research on

Best of health,


Peter Kulish, Senior Science Director, Founder
Foundation for Magnetic Science