Multiple Sclerosis Hopeful Suggestions

One of the key health issue that produces MS is hypo liver activity. Many years ago, a biologist taught us that most people with MS have a hypoactive (under-productive) liver which is not producing the specific series of enzymes which are responsible for maintaining the myelin sheathing (protective nerve covering).

Using the following advanced placement therapies, we were very surprised how fast the responses were.

Case Studies with BiomagScience Therapy:

A number of years ago, two cases (within several weeks of each other) of middle aged women with 3rd stage MS who were unable to walk or stand without assistance - tried the BiomagScience therapies. Interestingly, after only several days, both exclaimed they had been able to stand for over an hour making dinner. Each said it was the most enjoyable time they had ever had making dinner.

We had another case of early 2nd stage where the woman had to sit more and more during her walks. After the therapy for several months, she told me that her symptoms went away.

A 58 year old man that has had constant MS since his early 20s explains that the Biomagnets give him more energy and more mobility while helping him get up quicker in the morning because his muscle control is better.

Suggested BiomagScience MS Therapies:

Suggested protocols start with Organ Group Energizing Therapy 24 hours/3 days. Then:

1) A double stack of Regulars over the liver for 24 hours/10 days – keep on during MET (Meridian Energizing Therapy - #3 below), then minimum 4 hours a day for one month, then minimum 4 hours every 3 days.

2) Constant Daytime CVS placement, but remove for Overnight MET.

3) Overnight MET for a minimum of 2-3 weeks to preferably one month - then once every 3 days for the next month, then as felt it is needed.

Daily – drink magnetized water to increase the Negative [Zeta Potential] energy directly in the system which includes increased hydrogen ion availability for support of glands and organs – please see chapter on water in the “Conquer Pain” therapy book.

The BiomagScience Wellness kit is required to do the MS therapies. In the kit are all the pictorial explanations, all the various sizes of required BioMagnets, Water Energizing Magnets, and the Conquer Pain Therapy Book that explains supporting information of these therapies.

We hope the enclosed information has been helpful. Please feel free to contact us about any health issues you may have and we’ll try to help.

Best of health,

Peter Kulish, Founder and Senior Science Director
BiomagScience, Foundation for Magnetic Science

Disclaimer - Magnetic therapy is intended to benefit normal structure and function and is not prescribed as therapy for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, therapy or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles.