Modern Gadget EMF Radiation may not be very good for you - What do you do about phones, wireless routers and planes?

Researchers worldwide are reporting that harmful effects on human cells are occurring from Information Carrying Radio Waves (ICRWs) and other strong electromagnetic fields (EMF) that are emitted from cell phones, wireless routers, microwave towers, satellites and household appliances. It is shown that EMF can weaken and create a loss of vitality in the cells, loss of intracellular communication, loss of membrane sensitivity, an increase in brain tumors and what is being closely studied - the possible cause of increases in autism, allergies, immune system disorders, ADD, and ADHA. BiomagScience, a magnet therapy research company with 30 years of study says there is an inexpensive solution to overcoming this problem.

Electrical value of cells

Based on the electrical measurements of the cells using Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis (BIA),a medical measuring tool since 1939, it is well understood that cells with naturally high voltage show good health while cells with low voltage indicate poor health.

In the past, the natural atmosphere did not affect the cell’s charges which, if vital and healthy, remained so. But in today’s un-natural atmosphere of being bombarded with strong electromagnetic fields (EMF) from modern communication technology and appliances, the cell’s electrical charge is being disturbed and reduced resulting in immune system disorders, poor health and as reported worldwide, many serious health conditions. The late Dr. George Yao, an expert in EMF, reported Americans now receive 200 million times more EMF radiation than our ancestors got natural sources.

What does EMF do to our cells?

Most people know generators make electricity but do not know that it takes 60 alternating magnetic fields per second to activate the electrons that make electricity flow. While it takes all these magnetic fields to create AC current, all the wires and appliances that carry and use the electricity emit the same alternating EMF into our personal area. In addition, all the strong radio frequencies that are emitted from cell phones, cordless phones or wireless routers are just different frequencies of EMF.

Since the cells in our body run on electrons, then like the generator, they are also affected by external electromagnetic fields. The electrons in healthy cells naturally spin freely in one direction. When the electrons are in the EMF radiation area, their spin becomes wobbly from the frequencies or shudders back and forth 60 times a second in AC current EMF. This un-natural spin reduces the cell’s micro-voltage during the exposure time and long-term exposure has shown a reduction of the cell’s overall energy often resulting in illness, disease, and immune system dysfunction.

In short, our modern technology puts out radiation that makes people sick by deteriorating the energy in the cells. The reports of increased brain tumors and the possibility of increased autism may very well come from the disorientation of the weak cells from unnatural magnetic fields.

There is equipment in the marketplace that can help reduce and eliminate the cell phone radiation from your brain, but how about your cordless phone or the strong radio frequencies from the wireless router or all those millions of magnetic frequencies that pervade the atmosphere surrounding us?

BiomagScience says the testing of clients show that the proper energy therapy increases the cellular voltage which defends the body from debilitating EMF.

A senior researcher at BiomagScience explains “The body is a human battery made up of trillions of cells running on electrical energy. When the body’s [cellular] energy is low, the metabolism and immune functions stop working correctly. Charging it [the body] with the right therapy has shown to help it start metabolizing properly. Testing shows energy supplementation not only helps to maintain high cellular charge, but it also helps to increase the low voltage of someone who is ill and stuck with poor energy.

The micro-voltage of clients with long-term illness such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia, measured very low. No matter what they tried through the years, nothing helped. Within an hour of advanced BiomagScience therapy, there was a major increase in their voltage and the clients were on the road to successful recovery. These studies are on our web site under BIA Cellular Voltage Testing.”

BiomagScience has also conducted measurements in the cabin of a commercial airline. The EMF was at least 20 times what the Swedish research indicates can create serious illness. Regarding airlines, a middle-aged flight attendant visited BiomagScience and explained that she and most of her co-workers were always getting sick and had a lot of headaches; she said she never really felt well anymore. Her BIA measured very low. She was given the Daytime and Nightime therapies – literally wearing a couple of small magnets during the day and night. She called back a few weeks later and said that she hadn’t felt so good in many years.

BiomagScience says “If you use a cell or cordless phone, you should at least use our Daytime therapy several times a week to maintain high cellular energy to defend against EMF radiation. If you fly, make sure you use the therapy to ward off the EMF. It is also wise to drink BiomagScience energized water as it helps to increase cellular voltage.”

“The wonderful thing about keeping your body fully charged is that it helps the metabolism and immune system to function properly and that helps you to be healthy. All you need is our Pain Relief /Vitality Kit and a set of our Water Jar Energizers. If you have a whole family to take care of, then get our Wellness kit.”

If you look at all the research and studies at, they are probably right.