Lupus - Amazing results after a week of magnet therapy.

This brings me to a client of mine who is 43 and she has suffered,
horribly from lupus since she was 29 years old. I turned her onto
bio-magnets and she has been doing meridian treatments for almost a week;
following everything by the book. It happened by chance that while I was
working at her house last weekend, she became so ill she had to go to the
emergency room, because her digestive system hardly works at all, and she
suffers from severe constipation; just one of the many things that plague
her because of the lupus. Within a few days of treatments her
transformation has been to say the least awe-inspiring. She couldn't even
drink water before wearing the magnets and she's already on her second
gallon of magnet water. And the most amazing thing... She’s hungry for the
first time in along time. She can't believe how much better she feels
Tammy is committed 100% to treating herself with magnet therapy. When she
was 29 her lupus doctor, same one to date, who diagnosed her, gave her ten
years to live. She's beat that by four years. She wants to live...
obviously. She has told her doctors about the recent magnet treatments, and
they have had an extremely, positive response. Her lupus doctor is
especially, anxious to see how she's coming along at her next monthly check

If there is any advice you can give me in the area of lupus, and biomagnetic
treatments it would be very much appreciated. Thank you very much for
taking the time to read this.


Richard xxxxx