Important news from the University of Virginia!

In UVA TODAY – Jan 2, 2008 – Research News: Biomedical Engineering Study Demonstrates the Healing Value of Magnets. The article is about the study of magnets on microcirculation – which is the blood flow through the body’s tiniest blood vessels. The article can be found at:

Essentially the study shows that the swelling/inflammation (dilation) of the blood vessels occurring from trauma (stress or injury) of soft tissues such as muscles or ligaments can be reduced by a magnetic field. The study shows that magnets constrict the blood vessels reducing the swelling and pain and shortening the time of recovery.

Dr. Skalak of the U. VA: “A key to the success of magnetic therapy for tissue swelling is careful engineering of the proper field strength at the tissue location, a challenge in which most currently available commercial magnet systems fall short”.

BiomagScience research through the Foundation for Magnetic Science has studied and tested the magnetic fields in conjunction with the voltages and polarities of the body’s meridians and nervous system of the human body to determine the proper magnetic field strength and polarity placement which has helped so many with various aches, sprains and acute and chronic conditions.

Please review BiomagScience’s blog to find out exactly how defined the Biomagnetic fields penetration values, placement requirements and all the issues involved to make sure you have the most advanced and proper magnetic systems to supplement you health.

With years of applied research worldwide, the Foundation has formed over 200 specific magnetic field protocols including energy generating therapies that have awoken end-stage terminal coma patients, regenerated nerve, ligament, soft tissue and have supported pain relief and reduction of swelling and inflammation. These therapies have been studied and used by individuals, practitioners, medical colleges and universities worldwide.

In supporting research of the article and studies from the University of Virginia, BiomagScience’s microscopic pictures of before and after magnetic therapy on free radical sites show the free radicals being neutralized, the inflammation resolving and the sites healing within an hour of the correct therapy. ,

Free radical sites are always inflamed from the free radicals harming healthy tissue as they to ionize (balance) their positive charge with the healthy [negative charged] tissue. What is shown in the before and after microscopic pictures is once application of the proper Negative Zeta charge is made on the site [or elevated within the body], the charge neutralizes the positive free radical which immediately reduces the inflammation for quick supportive healing. IN the following link from studies by the Dean of the Zen-Tsing Medical Research, Professor Wan and Dr. Chen, the Chairman of the Internal Medicine Department in the Institute of the National Taiwan University Hospital used the “Tsi-Bao” which is the name of BiomagScience’s Biomagnets in Chinese. The study specifically is about the reduction of inflammation and free radicals using the Tsi-Bao BiomagScience Biomagnets and therapies.

Here are a couple of examples of what we hear on a daily basis of reduction of pain and swelling:

I am a forty five year old body builder that frequently pushes my limits. This causes a lot of pain and inflammation to these body parts. Upon application of the BioMagnets to these areas, the pain and swelling are gone. Now, I apply them after my workouts for fast recovery. W. B. NY

I had a very bad sprain to my ankle from a volleyball injury. I applied BioMagnets for three days and had no more pain or swelling. S. B. Albany NY

BiomagScience offers various Advanced Biomagnetic Therapy Kits: Knee, Carpal, Shoulder, and of course the Wellness Kit of which we believe should be in every medicine closet to take care of that sprain or bee sting or burn, etc. The wellness Kit combines and includes all of the various sizes Biomagnets, Water Jar Energizers, Bottle of Liquid Oxygen, the Book Conquering Pain with over 170 therapies for specific conditions and a pictorial guide of correct Biomagnetic Placement.

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Peter Kulish

Senior Science Director

Foundation for Magnetic Science