Help overcome the flu / bad cold with BioMagnets

It’s flu season again. This year the big flu is H1N1, a strain that has come before and is destined to join the lexicon of the many types of influenza that people get each year.

One thing contemporary science has taught us is that a strong immune system with a good diet, supplements and maybe some medicine overcomes influenza that historically killed millions of people as little as a hundred years ago.

Flu like a bad cold is very uncomfortable and anything that can help overcome its symptoms faster is something we all like. Here is a letter from a few years ago from a friend who used our BioMagnetic MET (Meridian Energizing Therapy) to help overcome the flu; it works by forcing an electrical increase in the cell’s vitality which resulted in bumping up her immune system which helped her get over the flu.

For anyone interested in the clinical results of increasing the cell’s electrical energy, please review BIA Cellular Voltage Testing under “Research” on our site. You will see the direct relationship of how the increased electrical value of the cells helps to increase the immune system which stimulates and maintains wellness - something established by the FDA many years ago.

Here’s Anne’s letter.

At the time, we had not established the Overnight MET, but that is what she did. After her letter is our suggested therapy for the flu or a bad cold: Anne’s flu and BioMagnet experience:

“Arnold and I came down with the flu ... our son had it when he was down here. I thought I was over it on the 3rd day, but then it whipped back and came on stronger. I was so wiped out with fever, every movement exhausted me ... and all of my usual remedies were still packed away in boxes, somewhere ... that was a pretty scary feeling to just have to endure the flu and fever with no remedies! And I was too sick to go to the health food store to buy some.

THEN, I remembered ... "Remedies are those things we use to move the body into creating the green healing energy that is always found in areas of the body that are into healing." -- "So ... why not just send the pure healing energy itself ... from the Magnets??" Since I could not sit with my feet placed on the magnets, I taped the Magnets to the soles of my feet, clipped the big one to the top of my head, and placed my hands on the other two. I fell asleep. When I awoke, I was sweating! The fever had broken! -- However, the gland in my neck was still very swollen (when I awoke in the morning I could hardly bear to swallow) so ... I just took one of the big magnets that cover a wide area, and held it on the swollen neck gland ... and fell asleep again. When I awoke, the gland was normal and I could swallow again! Will we never learn?

This is SO SIMPLE! Instead of choosing this or that remedy hoping it will convert to the green healing energy ... why not just send the green healing energy direct from the Magnets?? Happy days everyone!


BiomagScience suggested therapy for the flu or a cold

1. Drink lots energized Negative Water: 8-12 glasses daily

2. Add 20 drops of the Activated Oxygen per glass, 3-4 glasses daily to help with the stuffy respiratory system.

3. Full-time Daytime sternum placement for general energizing and using the Power Wafers, do the Overnight MET at least 8 hours a day to help increase cellular vitality and balance overall energy to help increase immune system function. If you are a heart patient and cannot do the sternum placement, then do the lower CVS (back of the neck) constantly when not doing the MET.

4. Us a 2-Stack Power Wafers or Regulars band- aided Green side over any swollen glands until the swelling goes down.

5. Vitamin C – We suggest Vitamin C to help resolve the symptoms. A well-known anti-oxidant, Vitamin C also has shown to work as a virucide - an agent that inactivates or destroys viruses. Used with magnetic therapy has shown to support immune functions and help with this condition.

Suggested Adult Dosage: 10 grams in the morning, 10 grams at night. For children, reduce the amount relative to the weight of the child. Take a buffered ascorbic acid powder in a capsule or crystal granules in a drink unless you are using the new liposomal Vitamin C by; then you would do well with 3-4 grams in the morning and night.

What we have found is that the magnetic field therapy, magnetized water and oxygen coupled with the Vitamin C support a faster and more comfortable resolution to the flu or cold symptoms. Just get your Wellness kit out and take your Vitamin C and drink a lot of oxygenated, energized water.

Best of health,

Peter Kulish