Eye conditions resolved with BioMagnets

In our continuing effort to keep you informed and abreast of our latest findings, BiomagScience hopes the information sent earlier about the resolution of the infant’s rare eye Nystagmus disease was useful. The therapy application fully supports how the Negative Magnetic Zeta Potential energy supports normal formation when applied properly.

Enclosed is another testimonial that came in at the same time about an eye condition that was resolved immediately with Negative Magnetic field application on the bone at the corner of the eye.

“Recently I experienced a strange sensation in my right eye as I was staring at the computer screen, after having spent a few hours already on the computer.

I was losing focus and was totally distracted by what was happening in my right eye. What I was seeing were some very sharp and flickering white and silvery light bouncing off tiny specks. It felt very strange and I knew right away that my eye was not “behaving normally”.

I immediately reached out for my Wellness kit and pulled out a power wafer and applied the negative side to the corner of my eye. In a matter of seconds that weird sight and sensation disappeared. I left the Power Wafer on for about an hour and removed it only to go out. The flickering has not returned since!

I want to thank BiomagScience for the magnets and for teaching us how to use them; I don’t know what I would do without it! I must say my family and I are constantly amazed at the results that we get with the magnets!

SM, Furlong PA

Here is an edited testimonial from http://www.biomagscience.com/user_testimonials

I was riding my bike and fell over. I went to the hospital where the x-rays showed that I had broken my elbow. [In this type of break] the doctor put me in a sling (he told me they no longer did the cast thing) and gave me instructions and a prescription for pain and sent me home with an appointment to see him in his office 2 weeks later.

The minute I arrived home I pulled my BiomagScience book out and carefully read about broken bones and how to properly install the Biomagnets in the right place. I was to leave them on for 3 full days around the clock. I know this is hard to believe but [once I put them on] I never experienced any more pain and within 2 days I had some range of motion and by the 4th day I could completely straighten my arm!!!! When I went back to my doctor’s office two weeks later he demanded to know what I had done to my elbow. He couldn’t believe it. I have to tell you that today, 8 months later, the broken arm is stronger than it ever was. A good friend of mine in California broke her elbow on her bike a week after me and she is still having real problems. I am hooked on these magnets. I keep a full set just in case.

M O, Plymouth, Ma.

The Wellness Kit has everything you need as the First Aid to support fast pain relief and resolution of many physical conditions such as yellow jacket bites, chronic back pain, sprained ankles, broken elbows, pain and inflammation from lifting weights, arthritis, knee joint pain, headaches, eye strain, etc. The Kit incorporates specific therapy protocols for over 170 general, acute and chronic conditions with pictorial instructions of advanced circuits that have helped overcome serious conditions like regeneration of nerves and mobility to limbs.

Everyone here at BiomagScience and its parent Foundation for Magnetic Science thanks you for your help, your time, and your purchases. We work hard to keep the research expanding so we may continue to submit smart magnet usage findings for your supplementary health.

Best regards,

Peter Kulish,

Senior Science Advisor

Foundation for Magnetic Science