Cedar Fever Sinus Infection Cleared

The last 2 days my husband has been suffering from cedar fever.  It's an allergic reaction to the pollen from the ash juniper tree, also known as a cedar tree (hence.. cedar fever). 


 Normally he doesn't get it [as] bad here... because there aren't any of these trees near us, but we went out into the country Tuesday.. and he got a major dose of it - he was really bad by Wednesday morning…  unable to breathe through his nose and his throat hurt because of the crud draining [from his sinuses], plus he wasn't a bit hungry;  you not only feel full from the stuff draining into your stomach, but you lose your sense of taste (and appetite).


Yesterday (Thursday) morning he was even a bit worse, if that's possible;  slept from 2:30pm Wednesday to 8:30 am Thursday but it didn't help a bit… it's not a healing sleep .. this type of infection makes a person very tired. 


I remember reading Peter's mention of putting magnets on the nose for sinus; I taped two 2-stacks of Power Wafers on each side of his nose… and he went back and  laid down for the rest of the day.


He slept all day and all night; the tape came off sometime during the night, but they [the magnets] had been in place for at least 18 hours.


This morning he woke up and can freely breathe through the right side of his nose, the left is still just slightly stuffy.  His throat no longer hurts and he's STARVING.  Lol  2 full days without food, not being hungry at all, and now he's starving. 


He feels so much better he cannot believe it and now says "I'm SO glad you found out about these magnets and I'm SO glad that Peter brought their use out to the public". 


I offered to tape up another magnet on the left side of his nose but he says he feels so good he doesn't think it will be necessary, though he may do it tonight before going to bed, as stuffiness is always worse at night. 


Normally when he would get a bad case of cedar fever, it lasts for 2 weeks at the least… Renee, Texas   


Comment by BiomagScience:

We have had people who have had sinus problems for as long as 20 years; just thought it was a way of life. Upon using them on each sinus for a day or so, suddenly they drained and cleared.