Boost of Energy Letter


I will be forever grateful for encountering the remarkable work BiomagScience.  They are the only people who offer the specific knowledge of how to use these wonderful healing gifts of nature.  
I view the Wellness Kit as a supplemental health insurance policy in the years ahead.  It is and will continue to be my first resort for everything from bumps,  bruises, and burns to internal aches and pains, and, if necessary, for any more serious physical issue that I may confront.  Mr. Kulish's  book Conquering Pain, which comes with the kit is essential to tell you in easy-to-follow instructions what to do for any given problem.
The boost of energy that the daytime protocol provides is very welcome and has led to higher productivity for me.  I feel like the energizer bunny, taking on cleaning jobs that I had felt too tired to tackle and enjoying it!  The nighttime protocol is a great assist to getting to sleep, staying asleep and obtaining refreshing sleep.  Magnets are perpetual energy devices, the gifts that keeps on giving.  But without the in-depth research of BiomagScience, how would we know what to do with them?!  Thank you, BiomagScience!     DBF, Pennsylvania
“A Boost of Energy” is the something everyone says they experience when using the Daytime therapy. The Boost of Energy literally is the daily energy supplementation of [charging the human battery] that helps increase your vitality by increasing the cell’s energy to do their work.
As a Baby Boomer who has been using the Daytime therapy for years, I decided to take them off and stop wearing them for several weeks. After two weeks, I was shocked at the loss of energy.  Even with daily vitamins, I felt as though I had chronic fatigue syndrome. I immediately started using the Daytime therapy and my normal, high-energy came right back. After all these years of researching and helping others with their health, I had forgotten how powerful the Daytime therapy is. To confirm, I asked around and many people had reported the same.
Wellness Kit
If you have received our Newsletters before, then you know how we feel about our Wellness Kit; it was developed as the ultimate health kit to contain everything anyone might need to take care of most conditions.
Whether is it is a bee sting, a burn that needs to be immediately addressed, poison ivy, a twisted ankle, a broken bone, your sister’s fibromyalgia, your aunt’s chronic fatigue syndrome or your uncle’s crushed bones, we always recommend our Wellness kit, the 22nd Century First Aid and Wellness Kit that contains all the elements to support a whole family’s increase in vitality, assist with first aid on many conditions that normal first aid cannot, and/or supply the most advanced energy therapies for acute or chronic health conditions. From carpel to helping with MS, possibly waking someone from a terminal coma or regenerating a dead nerve, the Wellness Kit comes with all the advanced products and protocols that have helped these issues.
If you have a health problem, search on our site and see if we have addressed it before; there are many miracle-like results. If the health issue it is not there, contact us and we’ll help develop something to specifically address it.
We hope this helps you. Best of health,
Disclaimer:The use of magnetism or any of the products offered herein are intended to benefit normal structure and function and is not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles. Translations and content subject to errors and omissions.