Biomagnets Neutralize Multiple Yellow Jacket Stings

Yellow Jacket stings can be life-threatening - the venom is very strong. Anyone who has experienced the sting will gladly agree that if it never happens again, it will be too soon. Many people have had to immediately go to the hospital as the reaction is so severe. Last year, a fellow working with one of our BiomagScience family, walked into a Yellow Jackets' nest and got stung 3 times [he thought] on his ankle and lower leg. Immediately, a Regular BioMagnet was placed in his sock over the area [on the correct meridian]. Within 5 minutes, the pain and problem was ok and the fellow just went about his work. Lucky there was a Wellness kit handy.

That night, the fellow counted 8 bites. Fortunately, he was alright - the strong Negative energy completely neutralized the venomous poison and any inflammation. The fellow was surprised that such a small magnet stuck inside his sock [on the proper meridian] stopped all the bites from hurting.

An interesting issue is that it only took one single Regular BioMagnet to neutralize the entire area.

The quarter sized Regular BioMagnet is made of the Rare-Earth Neodymium Super Magnetic Iron and is specifically designed to affect an area this size.

In retrospect, the Science indicates the venom acts as a "Super Free Radical" Saturated Poisonous Fluid which attacks all the surrounding tissue causing major, painful inflammation and often lasts days until the body's immune system neutralizes the poison and resolves the site.

Since Free-Radicals and Super Free-Radicals are highly-charged Positive ions that attack healthy [negative charged] tissue and create immediate inflammation, the medical grade Regular BioMagnet immediately neutralized the "poisoned cells under attack" with powerful Negative energy which cancelled the Positive charges of the venom.

This same effect of immediate neutralization of Free Radical sites is shown in our research microscopy at;

The quick neutralization of Free Radicals is the reason that so many exclaim rapid pain relief from the use of our BioMagnets. The BioMagnets simply support immediate reduction of inflammation - the main cause of aches and pains.

The Negative energy is not just for pain but also for supplemental energy. People all over the world use our Daytime therapy every day. Like nutritional supplements, they enjoy the daily increase of energy which helps support and maintain increased vitality and immune functions. Many of them also use the Anti-Aging benefits of drinking magnetized water.

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Thank you and best of health

Peter Kulish, Founder
Foundation for Magnetic Science