BioMagnets help with Cold & Pneumonia


I haven't had a cold in 18 years, but recently just had a sinus thing that went into a cold.  I was NOT a happy camper.  Lol


Anyway, I could feel it settling into my lungs and didn't want any part of that, so I put a magnet over each upper lung, where the soreness was.  There was immediate relief.  It did not stop the lungs from getting the gunk, but it certainly made it easy to cough the gunk out AND kept the pain away.  Since I had childhood asthma colds always went straight for my lungs, and the pain was always bad.  Burning, tightness and soreness.  The magnets stopped that from happening.


Then, last night, an efriend of mine wrote that she was having a very hard time breathing because she thought her cold had even turned to pneumonia and she was coughing and really miserable.  I told her about putting magnets on.  She has Peter's magnet kit but had not thought to use it.  Here is her report this morning (she owns an animal rescue shelter and has been taking care of a sick pup):


“The relief from the magnets was almost instant.  One medium on each side of my chest and big one in the middle.  I can breathe.  Pup is wearing his too.  Has not escaped me that pup came with congestion and shortly thereafter, as I tend him, sleep with him, that I too am having trouble breathing.  Sure I try to make it relatable with the laundry room etc (she had cleaned out her laundry room and it had some mold in it--Renee)…but you and I know there is more going on energy wise than we often see.  Last night as I worked my lungs into a spasm trying to dislodge the congestion when I finally got a piece loose (had my hands on the pup) said, there, do we feel better?

When you said magnets it was like a light going off…THANK YOU.”


 I had also put one power wafer on each side of my nose.  Taped them there because I was SO stuffy.  They did help by reducing the inflammation there, but I couldn't wear them when I went downtown.  Well, I guess I could if I'd also had on my tinfoil hat, but it was in the wash. 

Neither on the nose or the lungs stopped the cold, but it certainly made dealing with it much easier and less painful.