Biomagnetic energy supports increased cellular transfer

This week’s discussion is about how the proper Biomagnetic energy supports increased cellular transfer which supports good health.

First however, we would like to introduce a friend: Marion has been using our various therapies for some time. She gives out the Conquer Pain book to friends and acquaintances and then gets them BioMagnetssm for their health problems.

Here are a few excerpts of her comments:

“It is so wonderful to be able to control and constantly minimize the pain factor. There have been so many "healings" in my whole body, I feel like a different person, or should say, as I was twenty years ago!! My energy level is fantastic, pain level controlled and diminishing daily. Don't forget, this is a 90 year old lady!! I am constantly amazed, and find someone to tell my story to every day!

To me, this is the most important thing that has come into my life, and I want everyone to know how to take their life into their own hands and keep well so simply with affordable tools.”

Regarding a former Newsletter testimonial: “Testimonials like this is why I tell everyone, whether I know them or not, about BiomagScience! But I also tell them ‘just order the book and learn how you can keep yourself in good health’. I remember when I first learned about this wonderful [BiomagScience] group - one of the things I read was "Read the book first" and ordered two of them, one for my daughter, and one for me. The magnets, MSO and Wellness Kit followed. Healing next! The best movement I ever made!! Thank you… your name is becoming a household word here!”

Over the years, we have been receiving these types of comments from individuals, many of whom, after lengthy and challenging periods of poor health and extremely low vitality, suddenly started regaining vitality while their pain and health resolved with the support of BiomagScience therapy.

Why does BioMagnetic energy increase vitality and reduce pain?

The research indicates the simple answer: BioMagnetic energy supports increased nutritional transfer into the cells and increased detoxification out of the cells.

Increased nutrition supports increased metabolic functions which supports increased immune functions resulting in increased vitality and a reduction of pain, inflammation and ailments.

How does BioMagnetic energy increase cellular nutrition and detoxification (waste elimination)?

The following Live Cell Microscopy case study is taken from the BiomagScience web site under Research by the Foundation for Magnetic Science. It shows how the state of the blood is rapidly benefitted by the BioMagnetic Energy to support increased metabolic functions.

Live Cell Microscopy

Biomagnetic Energized Before and After Blood Tests of an American diet of fast food with no supplementation.

Sample 1 – Live, Pre-treated Blood taken prior to Energy Therapy from a 26 year old male professional with a history of physical inactivity, poor nutrition, lack of water consumption, difficulty sleeping and general malaise. To make sure the test was not skewed, he fasted all night before the test.

The microscopy shown is a typical picture of poor food and nutritional life style choices. The red blood cells are stacking (Rouleau positioning) due to dehydration, inflammation, and the essential loss of the healthy Zeta potential.

The Zeta potential is the slight negative charge around a healthy red blood cell. The Zeta potential enables separation of the cells for better perfusion and exchange of nutrients at the capillary beds.

In this case, the nutritional transfer is very poor because of the Rouleau.

Capillaries can be one-third the size of a red blood cell. When the cell comes in contact with the capillary wall, there is an exchange of gases (O2 goes into the tissues and CO2 comes out of the tissues). When the cells are over lapping (Rouleau stacked), there is less exposed cellular surface area and less cellular gas exchange; therefore there is less ability for cells to take on Oxygen and the body to rid itself of toxins. This can lead to many variations of maladies.

Also observed are a large amount of fats (small floating specks) which could be the effect of a fast food diet. Normally fats are cleared from the blood within four hours of ingestion. Hydrogenated fats have been observed to take days to clear and have also been observed getting into the body’s communication systems.

Sample 2 - After 30 minutes of Daytime (sternum) Biomagnetic Energy therapy, there is some improvement observed in the form of relief of congestion in the plasma, however the stacking (Rouleau) remains as well as the fats (specks).

The smallest size fats are HDL’s, medium sizes are LDL’s, and the very large fats may be cylomicrons or hydrogenated fats from a fast food diet. Fats enter the body in the Micro Villa (finger like projections in the small intestine that emulsify the ingested fats) into the Lacteal Duct (the Lymphatic system).

This is very significant due to the fact that the Lymphatics house our immune system and powerful antioxidants that the liver creates. The fats are then dumped into the Subclavian Vein and into the blood stream. One can only imagine the congestion this can cause with a constant diet high in harmful fats including hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils.

An important issue is that the Lymphatic System does not have a pump like the Arterial System. Some of the ways it is able to circulate include exercise through the pumping action of the muscles and deep breathing which changes the thoracic pressure to create movement both in the Lymphatics as well as the Venous System. This information is significant in this case due to the fact that this individual doesn’t exercise and consumes a large diet of fat.

Sample 3 - After 2.5 hours of Energy Therapy, the healthy Zeta potential was reinstated in the blood supporting separation of the blood cells eliminating the Rouleau stacking and increasing the transfer efficiency of oxygen/nutrition into the cells and toxins out.

This sample shows: the BioMagnetic Therapy helped to increase the motility of the WBCs (White Blood Cells); helped the liver and gallbladder clear the fats; and helped the body overcome the very poor nutritional Rouleau state without exercise, water (hydration) or additional supplementation.



The above pre-therapy microscopy shows the blood-work of very low electromotive cellular vitality (low Zeta potential).

Simply using BiomagScience’s Daytime therapy for 2.5 hours, the individual’s poor cellular vitality and transfer efficiency was completely reversed. His body’s metabolic functions also increased enough to clear the fat that, based on his diet, would not have occurred otherwise.

As indicated, the negative Zeta potential voltage is the electromotive energy that supports good nutrition, detoxification, and good health.

In further review of the blood work and cellular voltages of individuals with low vitality and poor health, the above reaction is fairly normal. With a few hours of energy therapy, cells register increased voltage indicating increased transfer efficiency with the individuals reporting an overall increase in energy and vitality within days.

When an individual is ill for a long time, it is often noticed that the cells are literally stuck in low voltage and no matter what therapy is tried, the cells do not respond.

Often, within hours of BiomagScience therapy, the cells energize and the individual starts down the road to recovery. Further research material and studies on the Zeta potential can be reviewed at

 With the use of BiomagScience’s basic energy therapies, the body is given the energy to support and achieve good cellular nutrition and detoxification – two very key issues to health. This is a major part of why Marion and so many other users around the world have achieved such an increase in health.

Hope this information has helped you understand how correct energy applications help increase health and vitality.

Please visit our site for many more papers on the science of various basic and advanced therapies that have helped resolve many conditions.

Kindly submitted by,

Peter Kulish

Senior Science Director

Foundation for Magnetic Science