A BioMag Heart Experience

Here is another Biomag experience by BiomagScience’s dear friend and Natural Solutions Foundation Health Warrior - Dr. Rima Laibow’s crucial experience with BiomagScience BioMagnetsSM while searching for land in Panama.

 Magnets and Health - Mine!

 “As you know, one of the ways we support Natural Solutions Foundation is through products and services in which we believe. BioMagnets are such a product.

I thought that you might be interested in a personal experience I had with them recently.

The Valley of the Moon in Panama is a whole valley, selected after an exhaustive search for the right land, water, vistas, etc.

During that exhaustive and lengthy land search, we stomped a lot of land, walked a lot of pastures and climbed a lot of mountains. One of those mountains and I did not get along.

I like to think of myself as the EverReady® Bunny - go, go, go, and then go, go, go some more. I was shocked, dismayed and more than a little frightened when I realized that I was having difficulty making the climb on this piece of land and was thinking seriously of going back down to let the rest of the group get to the top to see the vista. But that is not me and so I continued climbing -- by the way, the land that we eventually settled on does not have this mountainous character - which is good for us all!

At any rate, I was developing some serious [heart] discomfort when one of the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation, Ralph Fucetola, saw my distress and took off the 2 powerful little BioMagnets he was wearing over his sternum (breast bone) and held them out to me. I put them on, green side next to my skin and red side out…

I cannot begin to tell you the relief and the sense of awe and wonder I experienced when the impact of the powerful field took effect moments later!

I know about BiomagScience BioMagnets, use them, recommend them and offer them for sale on our virtual store, but when your own body confirms a familiar truth for you, it reminds you of the profound nature of that truth! That's what happened for me.

Although it felt a lot like magic, in fact, what happened was pure applied physics: magnets condition fluid; blood is a fluid. Its flow and characteristics were positively impacted by the magnets nearby (its "Zeta Potential"). After all, blood moves through the vessels in the upper chest at a tremendous rate and volume: every drop of blood passes the spot where I applied the magnets several times a minute! The powerful magnetic force supports normalized blood flow and the symptoms related to the blood and its flow suddenly - and in my case, it really was sudden - go away.”

Peter Kulish, Founder of BiomagScience explains:

“When the electrical energy in the human battery is low, certain functions in the body may err toward discomfort to possible strong conflict. This is known as MDS, Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome.

In Dr. Rima’s case where she was almost instantly relieved of some serious problems by the proper magnetic field, here is a case where the heart and the blood flow are instantly energized, particularly on the body’s key energizing heart/sternum point. Analysis of the condition appears that high altitude coupled with physical activity probably equaled reduced oxygen started to conflict with her heart and respiratory system. BiomagScience’s cellular voltage tests show an instant increase in the electromotive vitality of the cell’s when the key point is energized and increasing the cell’s voltage immediately supports increased oxygen transfer which is what I believe gave the instant relief.”

Dr. Rima: “I continue to wear my little red and green magnets (green to the skin, always) and, if I am foolish enough to forget them, the symptoms can come creeping back.

With time, the intensity of the symptoms has diminished, I am really, really pleased to note.

Of course, not everyone has the same instantaneous results because issues vary and the amount of time necessary to bring about changes will therefore vary. That means that BioMagnets need to be used regularly and over time for best effect.

I do not know of any contraindications to their use, with the possible exception of pregnancy (it is wise to be extra cautious with everything during pregnancy) and electrical or memory devices (like pace makers, insulin pumps, etc.) implanted in your body.

On the other hand, since what magnets do biologically is to increase the Zeta Potential of cells, it may be that magnets are just what the (advanced) doctor ordered during pregnancy for both mother and baby.

They certainly could [and have] make the back aches of pregnancy go away in a hurry!

Other than that, nothing would keep you from using and probably benefiting from this remarkable technology.

Peter Kulish explains:

“The only contraindications other than implanted devices is using them improperly - like many of the very poorly designed entrepreneurial designed devices that put out inflammatory stress energy or using them on the wrong polarity meridian, which is why BiomagScience protocols and proper polarity placement is a must to make sure the proper energy is being used on the correct location.”

Best of health,