Why use Our BioMagnets for Pain Relief, Health and Longevity

Thousands of People around the World have been using BiomagScience Institute BioMagnets as a daily energy supplement to keep their human battery highly charged and void of pain.

Pain Relief
The correct magnetic field properly placed on a painful site has been consistently shown to correlate with rapid reduction of swelling which is the cause of the pain. Under these conditions people can experience pain relief.

Problem with Drugs
Drugs are used to raise the cellular vitality and immune functions to reduce the swelling and pain. However, when the cells are hurt, they do not metabolize efficiently - which means the drugs cannot work quickly and the pain goes away slowly.

When the correct magnetic field is applied, the cellular [electrical] vitality is raised immediately which increases the metabolic efficiency (healing power) which rapidly reduces the pain.

Health and Vitality
Health is dependent on the cellular vitality - which can be measured electrically (see BIA testing under Clinical Research). By using magnetic fields properly, the cell's electrical energy is raised.

Traditionally, High Cellular Vitality = Good Health

Health is also dependent on good circulation which supplies nutrition to the cells. Reviewing the Microscopy testing under Clinical Research, a properly applied magnetic field can increase your circulation.

Long Term Illness or Acute Pain
Many individuals have used the Institute's Wellness kit for energetic support as they overcome long-term illness such as Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Wellness Kit comes with all the various size BioMagnets to conduct all the therapies that the Institute has developed to help supplement the various complications that need energizing to support healing. Please read our Testimonials to learn how effective the Wellness Kit and its therapies have been. The reports are amazing - yet the therapies are very simple. While the results that are reported in the Testimonials are not typical, they do show what individuals have achieved when working with magnets.

The Wellness Kit is the Emergency kit that everyone should have in their medical closet for support whenever any ache, pain or problem comes up. The kit also comes with the Water Jar Energizers which make Negative magnetic water which has been shown to be a very good daily supplement for supporting good health.

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